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Truphet UK has many years experience in construction and development, and  has a passion for renewable and sustainable energy.  

No matter what your plans entail, we can add value and at least set you in the right direction. 

Some of the things we do:

  • Sustainable residential development 

  • Property advice 

  • Planning and appraisal work for renewable energy projects

  • Operation and management of Westcott Solar Park

  • Project management for domestic and commercial building projects

  • Development of sustainable standby generation for the capacity market, "keeping the lights on"

  • Advice to landowners interested in the energy market

  • We also undertake small bespoke residential development

Luxury development, Sevenoaks

Westcott Solar Park,  1.6 MWp managed in partnership with Wolfeware Ltd for business park owners Rockspring. This was the first large scale solar park to be registered for Feed in Tariff in the UK   

Rooftop solar for farmers

Traditional sustainable homes

30 years experience in building, property and energy

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